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May 25, 2012
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Hard Corps: Uprising -Black Knight- by lightning-seal Hard Corps: Uprising -Black Knight- by lightning-seal
Red Moon Rising

Hard Corps Uprising is my favorite Arc System Works game right now. Still. Over one year later. Yep, it can be beat in less than an hour once you get really good at it and yet I can still find stuff to do and new ways to destroy enemies (or not destroy enemies when my Leviathan is feeling merciful). Everyone should go buy it and play it and fork over the cash for Leviathan too. He runs circles around all of the other characters. Or he moonsaults and slides around them or something.

Anyway, I don't normally share things this bloody (or at least keep them looking bloody when I upload them) but the Hard Corps tag is looking empty and it being empty makes me sad. Originally, I drew this just for Leviathan's armor since I draw it inconsistently. It was pretty basic and I never had plans to upload it but after I showed a portion of it to my sister, *Lativer, she suggested the blood and mapped out a good portion of it. Normally, I get my art vandalized with cat ears or mustaches when I send things her way, haha. So that was a surprise. Now I think it looks kind of cool or at least cool enough to upload. It is still plain though...
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valkiriforce Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013
This is a great picture by the way. For some reason I feel like this would be a fitting track for Leviathan here - [link] Sorry if it's not your thing but I felt like sharing it...
lightning-seal Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013   Digital Artist
Thank you!! I love comments like this and I love to hear thoughts about hard corps or anything contra really since it is sort of hard to find anyone to talk about it with. I will say that I am sort of a beginner Contra fan but Uprising sort of opened the doors for me and I am exploring around. You seem to know your way around though so I am curious, what is your favorite Contra game?

As for the song, I like it. I agree that is does seem fitting towards Leviathan especially since his story revolves around him recalling the events that lead up to his "demise" which I use loosely since I guess it is possible that he could live but the Commonwealth ended there so something ends nonetheless, haha. Now if only it wasn't so hard to find lyrics to that song.
valkiriforce Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013
Yeah, I hardly have anyone to discuss it with myself; much less find any new art for anything Contra-related. I guess my favorite Contra is between three candidates: Contra III: The Alien Wars, Contra Hard Corps and Contra: Shattered Soldier. Those are the three most extreme Contra games and I love them to death. Otherwise, I still love the entire Contra series in general. The only one I haven't played in the series is Hard Corps Uprising, unfortunately. But I find it interesting enough to favorite art related to the game because it looks cool and all from the videos I've seen of it. I would definitely make it a point to get that game if I ever get an Xbox 360/PS3.

I've been a huge fan of the series since Contra III came out I guess. I'll admit I even enjoy the bad ones in the series but I understand that's not everyone's thing; it's sort of a guilty pleasure of mine. But I have to admit even the bad ones had something to offer (I would love to hear this track in a new Contra game - [link]).

I have to say that although I am unfamiliar with a lot of things in Hard Corps Uprising I really love Leviathan's design. Anytime there's a ninja-looking guy with a gun - that's like an automatic win in my book. This may sound crazy but back in 2007/2008 I remember coming up with lots of character ideas/stories for new Contra games (yeah I'm obsessed) and one of the names I happened to come up with was Leviathan. When this game came out I was really surprised to not only see an awesome character like this but bearing one of the names I came up with back when I was brainstorming for ideas for new Contra games.

Sorry if I've been going on a little too much; I just get excited any time I get to talk about Contra with someone.
lightning-seal Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013   Digital Artist
Sorry for the extreemely late reply. And I have no problems with long comments, I love them :heart:

I am in the opposite boat as you. I don't have the means to play a lot of the Contra games but I am definitely going to slowly make my way through the ones I can get a hold of when I have a little more time because there is just something about the series that I like and the games are addicting.

That song was very intense and a lot of the pieces of the song meshed so well together, I like it. That song doesn't sound bad at all as it is but it would be nice to get another arrangement of it just to refresh it. Speaking of remixes, I am sort of surprised that Uprising didn't remix more songs from Contra Hard Corps. I am going to sound really boring when I say this but I really really want to hear a modernized version of Last Springsteen. I want to hear it with real guitars sooo bad.

Also, that is sort of an amusing coincidence with Leviathan. I think the fact that you came up with your own Contra scenarios is cool. You should share some sometimes if they wouldn't embarrass you.

Surprisingly, Leviathan's design didn't catch on me right away. It wasn't until I actually drew him a couple of times that I really began to appreciate his design. And then between that and playing the game I became hopelessly addicted haha. He's been my favorite character for almost two years now.

I know I said this already but I am so happy that there is another Contra fan that I can talk to since I never seem to get the chance to talk to people about it.
valkiriforce Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013
Haha Last Springsteen, I was obsessed with that song when I first played Contra Hard Corps. I loved that it came up every time I reached a different final boss. (Fun fact: Bruce Springsteen's nickname is, "The Boss" hence the funny title track name 'Last Springsteen' sorry if you knew that one!)

And yes, I would like a remix of it as well. There was one found in Contra Rebirth ([link]) but I'd like something a little more faithful to the original. They still did a good job on this one, though.

Contra III wasn't the first game I'd ever played, but I remember it was one of the first games that I had become a huge fan over. It was one of the most extreme games at the time it was released and I remember watching my brother play it when it was brand new. I still appreciate it for what it was when it came out and still find it to be a satisfying experience. That was basically my introduction to the series.

I have at least a few notepads of ideas I had for Contra, but all three are outdated and I feel like I could write a better one. Though it wouldn't hurt to at least take some of the previous ideas and improve them. :) One of them I know involved being like the setup of Contra Hard Corps with multiple routes, but it actually had a LOT more connections and consequences going on so as to influence the entire plot and eventual boss encounter.

And likewise, I enjoy discussing Contra.
valkiriforce Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013
Leviathan is a really cool character. I wish I could play Hard Corps Uprising.
uckapuot Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2012
Interesting what became with Leviathan after "I'll save my victory for later", I think he never was inside those Knight Lunata, Because Leviathan don't fight silently, (remember end of 2nd stage vs Knight Persica , ха-ха лол Персик ) and in middle of stage 7.
So yeah my favourite character is alive, and taught his "slide attack" another generation of commando (Ray, Sheena etc.) xD
lightning-seal Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012   Digital Artist
I am soooo glad there is at least one other person who likes Leviathan as much as I do!!!! :heart:

Personally, I think Leviathan was inside. While he is no stranger to running away, I think he was too loyal to Tiberius and let Bahamut get to him without a fight. I like to think he was taking the fight seriously from that point on and figured the time for talk was over. That or maybe he was already passing in and out of consciousness. As for whether he is alive, it seems easiest for me to explain that Bahamut killed him during the Lunata fight and either as he is dying or after he has died he has the "dream" or hallucination that we play through and comes to peace with both his own actions as well as Bahamut's before passing on. The red moon made me think that he had just bled out or something especially if we infer that the moon that was prominently displayed through the level was the same phase as the namesake of his mech (the sixteenth day, or the "izayoi", the day when the moon begins to fade into nothingness). And then the ultra-long silence after we defeat him with just the moon looming in the background made me think he had died or was dying. While I like this interpretation, Arc clearly left some small details in the game and in the story to suggest that he could still be alive though such as never explicitly saying he was dead, the mech stayed in one piece and just fell over, and it sort of seemed like Leviathan was recalling everything after Tiberius fell. Also while the moon could represent his death it could also represent something else entirely, since the moon never permanently goes away; it always comes back.

But even with all that said, I am with you, man. I want Leviathan to be alive. He made the game fun for me.
uckapuot Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2012
Blood for the Blood God!, oops I mean Onward to Glory!

Very like it
Inqubus-verseum Featured By Owner May 26, 2012
<3 your style ^^
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